A Modern Coffeehouse for Everyone

Right in the heart of Setia Eco Park, an oasis of exquisite dining flavours awaits you. Lifestyle Coffeehouse is a brand new concept dining experience, a place where you can bring the whole family to enjoy the best culinary experience in an environment that is both relaxed and cosy. At Lifestyle Coffeehouse, we strive to ensure a sumptuous meal with the whole family which is easier on your wallet without ever compromising on quality.

We are also really proud of our new performance platform with cutting edge light and sound technology and we welcome any local artistes who are looking for a place to perform. Who knows? Maybe the next time you dine here you will be witnessing the next Malaysian superstar giving their very first performance!

From Malaysian dining at "Eco Park Impian Maju" and all time Cantonese favourites at "New Gen Kitchens", there is a favourite dish for everyone in your family.

Lifestyle Coffeehouse is a new lifestyle dining experience with 5-star cuisine and fine entertainment. You will feel right at home.

New Gen Kitchens

Chinese Varieties

A meal at New Gen Kitchens with different generations of the family at the table is a heart warming experience with the best Cantonese style Chinese dishes. We source the freshest ingredients to ensure our dishes are delicious and satisfying right down to the last bite. From traditional Chinese cooking styles to Chinese cuisine with a modern twist, we have highly skilled chefs making sure your meal is done just the way you like it. Come savour those Cantonese delights you know so well at the place that does it so well, New Gen Kitchen.

Contact: 012-295 3316